Conceived by Carrie Heitman and developed in conjunction with director Chad Lindsey, writer Cynthia Babak, and the performing ensemble of Hook & Eye Theater, She-She-She is an evolving examination of a seldom-told true American story. In the 1930s, at the height of the Great Depression, Eleanor Roosevelt created wilderness camps for jobless women. As sister programs to the CCC, the camps were playfully referred to as the She-She-She camps.

Our play takes stories from that era and shuffles them with invented narratives of contemporary women. Each modern "She" is informed and molded by the past, and each wrestles with her inheritance. Both the past and present stories are set at Boar Mountain, an invented national park somewhere in upstate New York. In the past narratives, the park is the location of one of Eleanor’s She-She-She camps for jobless women. In the present, our park is host to a corporate retreat for the multi-national conglomerate Wipplecorp Inc., and our “Shes” are a park ranger, a visiting geologist, and Wipplecorp’s Head of Wigs.

The echoes of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters, their responsibility to the wild world, and the job DNA plays in the passing on of trauma and dreams all come to the stage as we work.

She-She-She is a work in progress. Currently we're in the script development stage - headed to our summer residency in Pennsylvania in early June to further develop the piece. Click below to stay up to date on our work as we work toward the full production in Spring 2018!

Above: Images from the workshop production of She-She-She at New Ohio's Ice Factory Festival, 2016 for more on that production, click HERE.

Above, images from our first workshop in 2016 - Below, our interview for the Ice Factory Festival.