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She-She-She is a performative examination of inherited feminine relationships through rare American histories. In the 1930’s, “She-She-She” camps were championed by Eleanor Roosevelt as a part of the New Deal that gave unmarried, jobless women the opportunity to develop forestry and hospitality skills in America’s National Parks. Hook & Eye weaves stories from that era with contemporary narratives to create She-She-She, a magical abstraction of identity, wilderness, ancestral femininity, and mansplaining. As each ‘she’ makes her journey up Bear Mountain, she is informed and molded by her past and wrestles with the intersections of her inheritance. She She She has been developed through residencies at Adelphi, SILO, a workshop at New Ohio’s 2016 ICE Factory Festival, and will receive a full production spring/summer 2018.


Above: Images from the workshop production of She-She-She at New Ohio's Ice Factory Festival, 2016 for more on that production, click HERE.

Above, images from our first workshop in 2016 - Below, our interview for the Ice Factory Festival.