. . .  on GOD IS A VERB

[A] rich, intelligent, funny work, one of the strongest plays we’ve seen in recent memory.
— Culture Catch
The actors performing with dancer’s grace and percision speak with hand signals intermingled with brief light-footed dances.
— Joy Notoma
[T]ranscendent . . . ‘God is a Verb’ is a sublime example of cross-disciplinary collaboration.
— New York Theater Review
[A]n IV of optimism about how much fun it is to be alive and trying to solve the messy world in which we live . . . ‘God is a Verb’ has wisdom to spare.
— Edge New York
Their joyful passion and understanding of the subject was so apparent in every aspect of this production that it is a testament to the collaborative process of theatremaking.
— Helen Herbert - Theatre is Easy
‘God is a Verb’ is a multi-layered endeavor filled with humor and a deep understanding of R. Buckminster Fuller, the renowned 20th century inventor and theorist.
— Theater is Easy
Audience members are enraptured, hanging on to each cryptic phrase, effortlessly falling in step with the absurd magical realism.
— Front Row Center
[A] very sharp, poignant, and pointedly critical play.
— Hyperallergic
“The director, Chad Lindsey, treats us to finely woven stage pictures, efficiently using each performer as an indispensable member of the ensemble.
— Front Row Center

  . . .  on THE SUMMONERS

The ensemble of The Summoners works like a machine. They build a story out of wooden crates, abstract sequences of movement and text, and carefully crafted realistic scenes.
— New York Theatre Review
The Summoners is a good example of a theatre company taking risks and creating a piece that is wholly original, and therefore, worth seeing.
— Front Row Center
. . . expressionistic set pieces stay onstage and we see actors move them around, like puzzle pieces, between vignettes.

 . . .  on PlayLabs

Hook & Eye achieves this rare kind of creative fluidity because their participants are “multidisciplinary,” asserts core member Emily Kunkel, herself a classically trained actor, equally comfortable with Shakespeare or sketch comedy. Actors are also writers, writers are also directors, and directors might be asked to be in a piece—even the company photographer put down his camera and joined in the opening improv warm-up.
— Lynda Green - First Idea, Best Idea
The creativity of the group and caliber of the acting, directing and scripts was amazing, and to participate in something like that put me on a cloud.
— Ken Paprocki (PlayLab Artist)