Relentlessly alive, it embodies the idea that “there are no wrong answers.” Tipping its hat to intelligent design, SHE-SHE-SHE serves as a meta-commentary on growth and discovery while growing and discovering.
— The Theatre Times
Where Hook & Eye’s real genius lies, however, is in mining the comedy to be had in the nuanced awkwardness of the interaction of strangers through brilliantly pared back dialogue and understated acting. It’s the sort of humor that doesn’t even register as comedy at first, yet slowly and quietly builds to something both genuinely funny and somehow touching.
— Exeunt
Altogether, Hook & Eye display their ensemble spirit in She-She-She. The acting is excellent and there is evidently a clear, shared vision behind the work that does credit to director Chad Lindsey, as well as writer Cynthia Babak.
— Exeunt
This is a company that will continue to push, in fun and creative ways, the limits of theatre, expanding the barriers and creating new and compelling tales, and that is something to look forward to.
— The Front Row Center
Audacious and conceptually fascinating . . . a play like She-She-She reminds us of what’s possible and can inspire us to agitate and organize for a better, more humane, world.
— theasy.com
Performed with a playful lack of self-consciousness that is refreshing and endearing, She-She-She is often messy but in the best of ways, daring to break free of convention to allow stories to be told as discovered and devised, rather than shoehorned into familiar form.
— Stage Left

  . . .  on GOD IS A VERB

[A] rich, intelligent, funny work, one of the strongest plays we’ve seen in recent memory.
— Culture Catch
The actors performing with dancer’s grace and percision speak with hand signals intermingled with brief light-footed dances.
— Joy Notoma
[T]ranscendent . . . ‘God is a Verb’ is a sublime example of cross-disciplinary collaboration.
— New York Theater Review
[A]n IV of optimism about how much fun it is to be alive and trying to solve the messy world in which we live . . . ‘God is a Verb’ has wisdom to spare.
— Edge New York
Their joyful passion and understanding of the subject was so apparent in every aspect of this production that it is a testament to the collaborative process of theatremaking.
— Helen Herbert - Theatre is Easy
‘God is a Verb’ is a multi-layered endeavor filled with humor and a deep understanding of R. Buckminster Fuller, the renowned 20th century inventor and theorist.
— Theater is Easy
Audience members are enraptured, hanging on to each cryptic phrase, effortlessly falling in step with the absurd magical realism.
— Front Row Center
[A] very sharp, poignant, and pointedly critical play.
— Hyperallergic
“The director, Chad Lindsey, treats us to finely woven stage pictures, efficiently using each performer as an indispensable member of the ensemble.
— Front Row Center

  . . .  on THE SUMMONERS

The ensemble of The Summoners works like a machine. They build a story out of wooden crates, abstract sequences of movement and text, and carefully crafted realistic scenes.
— New York Theatre Review
The Summoners is a good example of a theatre company taking risks and creating a piece that is wholly original, and therefore, worth seeing.
— Front Row Center
. . . expressionistic set pieces stay onstage and we see actors move them around, like puzzle pieces, between vignettes.

 . . .  on PlayLabs

Hook & Eye achieves this rare kind of creative fluidity because their participants are “multidisciplinary,” asserts core member Emily Kunkel, herself a classically trained actor, equally comfortable with Shakespeare or sketch comedy. Actors are also writers, writers are also directors, and directors might be asked to be in a piece—even the company photographer put down his camera and joined in the opening improv warm-up.
— Lynda Green - First Idea, Best Idea
The creativity of the group and caliber of the acting, directing and scripts was amazing, and to participate in something like that put me on a cloud.
— Ken Paprocki (PlayLab Artist)