Hook and Eye Theater has 501c3 status through fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas.  All donations through Fractured Atlas are fully tax deductible.  THANK YOU for supporting Hook & Eye Theater.

Giving Levels

  • Friends - Your $25 gift will give Hook & Eye an hour of rehearsal space! 
  • Dear Friends Your $50 gift could cover printing costs for a new script! 
  • Lovers Your $100 gift could offset the cost of programs and marketing materials! 
  • Believers - Your $200 gift could offset the cost of a guest artist's master class! 
  • True Believers - Your $500 gift could provide a stipend for a designer or technician. 
  • Collaborators - Your $1,000 gift could sponsor a teaching artist, offset the rental of a theater, or costume a production. 
  • Innovators - Your $5,000 Gift could help produce an entire show, subsidize artist salaries, or underwrite a year of community outreach through our public playlabs. 
  • Producers - Your $10,000 gift could rent a theater for a four-week run of a production. 
  • Executive Producers - Your $20,000 gift will fund a production from initial spark to the cast party. (You're invited)

All donors will be acknowledged online and in our programs and printed materials.

CHECKS can be made out to Fractured Atlas with Hook & Eye Theater in the memo, and sent to us at PO BOX 160209 Brooklyn, NY 11216


For all of the below, please contact hookandeyetheater@gmail.com for more information or assistance.

Corporate Matching Contributions

Many corporations have employee matching programs that make your contribution go further. Please ask your human resources or corporate contributions office about your company’s matching gift policy.

Legacy Gift
Planned giving via Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities or Bequests: If you and your family should decide to bestow Hook & Eye Theater with a Legacy Gift, we would be honored and available to assist in arrangements with your lawyer.

Gifts in Memory or Honor
Supporting Hook & Eye Theater is a thoughtful way to honor a loved one. If you or someone you love has an upcoming milestone such as a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion and you would like contributions made to Hook & Eye Theater in lieu of gifts, we would be happy to arrange a special fund and acknowledgment for you.

Board Membership and Development Committee
Interested in getting involved further? Hook & Eye Theater is developing a Board, and seeks dynamic individuals to expand support and sustain the company.  Members will participate in the inner workings of Hook & Eye Theater in different ways. Want to know more? Feel free to email us at hookandeyetheater@gmail.com.

Hook & Eye Theater thanks the following donors for their generosity!

(See a mistake? Please let us know!)

David Adamson, John M Babak, Patricia Babak, Jillian Baker, Ezra Barnes, Andy Battaglia, Anna Battaglia, Jerry Battaglia, David Baumann, Justin Bayle, Lewis Becker, Kyle Beckley, Claire Beckman, Gregg Bellon, Kent Bergwall, Douglas Berman, Marte Birnbaum, Sylvain Biville, Sarah Bjornebo, Cathy Blackwell, Annie Bland,  Boeing, Angus Botham, William Brenner, Paul Brewster, Cindy Brolsma, Jasmine Brown, Claire Brown, Robert Brugger, Stan Buchholtz, Jon Buono, Patrick Burlingham, Bear Capron, Danielle Carrig, Matt Casper, Robert Chase, Laura Chavoen, Timothy Cluff, Jennifer Coia, Justin Cornell, Rebecca Creskoff, Connor Crim, Michael Crowell, Ellen Cruz, Cassandra Csencsitz, Michael Davey, Paul Davies, George De la Pena, C. de La Rosa, Patricia de Luna, Dianne Debicella, Jennifer Dibella, Jed Dickson, Raymond Dooley, Ted Dorsey, Benjamin Dreyer, Steve Duffy, Kristen Duffy, Elizabeth Dunn-Ruiz, Jessica Durdock, Robert Em, E. Engelberth, Jillian Entenman, Joyce Evans, Marta Evans, Joyce Evans, Tessa Farr, Joanne Farrow, David Feinman, Linda Ferguson, Angela Ferin, Nina Fernandez, Connie Feuerstein, Amy Wilson Flannery, Gia Forakis, J Freund, Michael and Eileen Friedman, David Frutkoff, Solandra Gabernice, Russell Garofalo, Joe Germuska, Eleanor Geryk, Suzanne Gilad, Kim Gilmore, Christopher Gotschall, Dave Granville, Theo Greenblatt, Cody Haefner, Megan Halpern, Devin Haqq, Deatra Harris, Ellen Haun, Mel Heim, Erich Heitman, Thomas Heitman, Tim & Diana Heitman, Marge Helenchild, Christine Heller, Janine Herman, Erin Hill, Robin Hoffman, Robin Bacon Hoffman, Barry Hoggard, Lewis Holman, Carly Hoogendyk, Eric Hornbeck, Melissa House, Joann Hunter, Michael Huston, Astrid Hustvedt, Carole Ingber, Alex Jacobs, Emily Jacobs, Jason Jacobs, Robert Jacobs, Stephanie Jass, M. Jiuorno, Kathleen Jordan, Andy Kahn, Eva Kaminsky, Gregory Kamp, Nathaniel Kamp, Maggie Kast, Stephanie Katzenberger, Jessica Keefe, Raymond Kelly, Karel Kilimnik, Vasilike Kostouros, Peter Krask, Deborah Krause, Lillian Krollage, Miriam Kulick, Caitlin Kunkel, Emily Kunkel, Monica Kunkel, Kjersten Lazar, Jodi Leiner, Erez Lev-On, Elizabeth Lindau, Chris & David Lindsay-Abaire, Charles & Barbara Lindsey, Susan Tibbetts Lindsey, Burton Lipman, Erica Livingston, Kathryn Lofton, Stephanie Longley, Monique Luchetti, Katherine Lupica, David Luxeder, Thomas Luxeder, Sian MacAdams, Zino Macaluso, N Joshua Madan, Jeremiah Maestas, Brian Mahoney, Diana Mannarino, Greg Manuel, Michael Marciano, Jerry Marsini, George Mayer, Peter D Mayer, Lynne McCollough, Erin McCready, Brian Meredith,  Microsoft, Ashley Miller, Peter Mulvey, Vincent Murphy, Jessica Murray, M. Musolf, Tony Naumovski, Siena Oristaglio, Lauren Orkus, Paulette Osborne, Kristina Osmond, Greg Parente, Marcia & Rory Parness, Craig & Judy Passon, Wende Persons, Carey Pethick, Pamela Pethick, Jessie Pitluk, Joy Polhemus, Lane Poncy, Jasmine Presson, Leah Reddy, Beryl Redfield, Troy Revord, James Rhoderick, Amy Richards, Sue Robichek, Jennifer Robinson, Cristina Rosales, Rafael Rosario, Jack & Judy Royalty, James Royalty, Vitali Rozynko, Sami Rudnick-Hoover, Che Ruisi-Besares, Karen Walsh Rullman, Caroline Ryburn, Allison S, Vincent Sagona, Helen Salmon, Kim Sava, Seth Schaberg, Kevin Schack, Duane & Kristi Schuil, N. Schultz, Jill Schwartz, Robert Seitz, Tom & Nancy Seitz, Nancy Shearer, Margie Shrimpton, William Shunn, Marilyn Snyder, Barbara J. Spence, Nicole Steeves, Ellyn Stein, Therese Steiner, Lillian Stern, Matthew Stern, Nastasha Strang, Christine Strong, Christian Sueiras, Estes Tarver, Johanna Tibbetts, Jude Tibeau, Matt Tolbert, Shelby Tower, Ann Hermes Tudor, Wild Turk, Derek Turner, Fernando Van Riegersberg, Jessica & Raj Varma, Frank & Mary EllenVaydik, Justin Venk, Randall E.  Venk, Ronald Venk, Virginia Venk, Anya Victoria, Vincent Vigorita, Patty Vigrita, James Wagner, Bonnie Ward, Michael Warwick, David G. Watson, Marc Weitz, Coco Wilde, Mike Wiley, Larry Willis, Daniel Wilson, Mark Winkler, Paul Witcover, Ihor Wolchuk, Charis Wuerffel, Kristin Wuerffel, Joshua Xavier, Daniella Zalcman, Ellen David Zeiger, Gabriel Zenone, Anonymous (71).



photo by Ken Paprocki