Won't you join us on February 22nd for our tenth Instant PlayLab (IPL10)?  Fill out the form below to reserve a spot. As always, our PlayLabs are 100% free!  

What: IPL10 - A Free, Unsullied Land
When: FEB 22 @ 6:00 p.m.
Where: 150 W. 30th St. 14th Floor
With:  Your business cards/promo materials (network!) dress to move

This time is a little different - we are partnering with author Maggie Kast, and will be doing it like this:

  • READING and Q&A: The author will introduce and read sections of her novel A Free, Unsullied Land.
  • WARM UP:  Group warm-up get you to go faster, think faster, stand tall, be bright, hold your nerve!
  • HOUR-LONG WORK SESSION:  We will break into small groups, unpack the material from A Free, Unsullied Land, and devise original short works on the topic.
  • SHOW:  We all enjoy the fruits of our labor, watching the pieces unfold before our eyes.
  • EAT:  Wine and tasty bits will be had.
  • CONSPIRE:  A Quaker style meeting will be held to share impressions of the evening.
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photo: Ken Paprocki

photo: Ken Paprocki