This vibrant collaborative comedy tells a modern tale of alienation through the stories of six women across generations. Set in a New Deal-era women’s work camp on New York’s Bear Mountain, She-She-She highlights the nonlinear nature of progress, and explores how we wrestle with the intersections of our inheritance as we are informed and molded by our past.

In the 1930’s, Eleanor Roosevelt championed the “She She She” camps as a New Deal program tailored for women, housed in America’s National Parks. Jobless women from across the country moved away from their home of origin to gain hospitality and forestry training, and developed a uniquely progressive and interestingly cooperative education along the way. She-She-She is inspired by the friendship between Roosevelt and Pauli Murray (architect of the civil rights and women’s movements, gender pioneer), sparked at Hudson Valley’s Camp Tera. Despite their disparate perspectives shaped by their difference in race and class, a need for social justice and mutual respect served as the foundation for their friendship and catalyzed their shared ideation, learning and progress. Dixon Place presented She-She-She in its final stages of development after receiving workshops at New Ohio’s 2016 Ice Factory Festival, SILO in Penn., and Adelphi University.


  • Conceived by Carrie Heitman
  • Directed by Chad Lindsey
  • Written By Cynthia Babak
  • Production Management by Leah McVeigh
  • Stage Management by Katie Sammons
  • Costume Design by Krista Intranuovo
  • Sound Desgin by Nok Kanchanabanka
  • Lighting Design by Alejandro Fajardo
  • Scenic Design by Patrick Burlingham
  • Artistic Associate: Kyle Beckley
  • Creative Producer: Morgan Lindsey Tachco
  • PR: John Wyszniewski - Everyman Agency
  • Ensemble
  • Devised & Performed by Cynthia Babak*, Emily Kunkel*, Carrie Heitman*, Chad Lindsey*, Elizabeth London*, Nylda Ria Mark*, Asia Mark, Javan Nelson, Jeremy Rafal
  • *Member of Actors Equity Association
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GOD IS A VERB is an engaging and urgent portrait of a world - and a man - on the brink. In 1969, an eccentric professor gathers a team of offbeat academics to play a game with one goal: make the world work for all humanity. What unfolds tears space-time as we are whisked from a beatnik cafe to a treetop congressional hearing and back - by way of a university telephone. As the clock ticks, the lines blur between the game and the real world and we wonder if we've detached from reality altogether.



ENSEMBLE: Cynthia Babak, Roger Casey, Jamie Effros, Hannah Hartmann, Carrie Heitman, Elizabeth London, Sade Namei, Jacob Trussell, Renee Wilson  

CREATIVES: Writer: Gavin Broady, Director: Chad Lindsey, Stage Manager: Leah McVeigh, Composer: Diarmid Flatley, Lighting Design: Christopher Weston,  Costume Design: Krista Intranuovo, Set Design: Chad Lindsey, Set Consult: Ryan Howell, Projection Design: Weston Wetzel, Press Rep: Emily Owens PR

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ENSEMBLE: Carrie Heitman, Christopher McMahon, Cynthia Babak, Elizabeth London, Emily Kunkel, Brian Robinson, Virginia Venk, Yasmeen Jawhar

CREATIVES: Devised by Hook & Eye Theater, Written by Gavin Broady, Directed by Chad Lindsey, Set & Lights by Jonathan Cottle, Sound Design by Nick Moore, Costumes by Lisa Renee Jordan



The Summoners

For three years, black clouds have blotted out the sun over Our America. A five-minute break in the clouds over a small town gives the whole nation hope… and compels a desperate government aided by a corporate conglomerate to sequester the town’s residents in a warehouse facility where they are made to recreate their actions at the cloudless moment . . .over and over. . . in the hopes of once again summoning the sun.