Conceived by Carrie Heitman
Co-Created by writer Virginia Grise, Director Elena Araoz, Visual & Scenic Artist Susan Zeeman Rogers, and the performing ensemble of Hook & Eye Theater

: Nicole Aiken*, Cynthia Bastidas*, Kimberly Gambino*, Chad Lindsey*, Elizabeth London*
*Member of Actors Equity

Production Manager:
Leah McVeigh
Projection Design: Lianne Arnold
Composition/Live Sound Design:
Nathan Leigh
Light Design: Michael McGee
Costume Design: Ari Fulton

A woman struggling to survive in present day New York City meets an activist living in a 1930s New Deal forest camp for jobless women. Under the canopy of nature and through the clearings in the trees, the two strangers conjure the revolutionary strength necessary to live and love in a dangerous world. Drawing on the poetry of Pauli Murray and visual imagery of Susan Zeeman Rogers, this epic poem, told in the voices of queer women across time and place, explores the complexities of gender, memory, history and love.Using the style of eyewitness testimonies, case studies in neuroscience, and invented poetical narratives, She-She-She (a new piece devised by Hook & Eye Theater, directed by Elena Araoz, and written by Virginia Grise) will explore facets of memory.

In future iterations, We may follow a few more journeys imagined inside the landscape and history of America’s national parks. Our dramatic inquiry will explore the potential of genetic switches, an “imagined” innovation that would allow offspring to inherit the experience of their ancestors.

One of those journeys may find us at a “She-She-She camp” – initiated in 1933 by Eleanor Roosevelt as an answer to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). A landscape and moment in national memory that we think speaks to our current state.

Just now, we are in production for a first showing at the Ice Factory festival at New Ohio, and after that experience we have a short list of parks we are excited to explore. We plan on incorporating interviews with the public on their experiences of the parks as well. We are particularly excited about one of the She-She-She camps, CAMP TERA (located in upstate NY—what is now known as Bear Mountain State Park), that began operating in 1933. We will make multiple field trips to this area and utilize local resources to execute our in-field filming.

All collaborators will collectively decide which national park(s), characters, and stories will be featured, and will contribute to the larger vision of our piece.

The collaborators for She-She-She to date are the above and: Nijae Draine, Dea Julien, Claudia Acosta, Cynthia Babak*, Gilbert Molina, and Johnny Gaspar.