When three solo hikers meet three women from the past, things get . . . historical.


“Hook & Eye do not tell their tales in a linear fashion and it can feel like a labyrinth not sure which way is up or which way is out, but trust that in the end it will all come together. They know the way and confidently weave the threads to form a full story that if you were to go back to the beginning you could clearly see how the intricate garment came together.”

-The Front Row Center

"...audacious and conceptually fascinating..."A play like She-She-She reminds us of what’s possible and can inspire us to agitate and organize for a better, more humane, world."


“Where Hook & Eye’s real genius lies, however, is in mining the comedy to be had in the nuanced awkwardness of the interaction of strangers through brilliantly pared back dialogue and understated acting. It’s the sort of humor that doesn’t even register as comedy at first, yet slowly and quietly builds to something both genuinely funny and somehow touching...The company shows intelligence, creativity, wit, and sincerity.”


“SHE-SHE-SHE is a great example of why producing devised theatre is important. As a part of the “how we got here and ways of coping” canon, it is instructive. Relentlessly alive, it embodies the idea that “there are no wrong answers.” Tipping its hat to intelligent design, SHE-SHE-SHE serves as a meta-commentary on growth and discovery while growing and discovering.”

-The Theatre Times

A vibrant new play about the lives of six women across generations. Set in and around a New Deal-era women’s work camp on New York’s Bear Mountain, She-She-She is inspired by the friendship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Pauli Murray that ignited there. Hook & Eye Theater’s fourth collaborative piece weaves stories from that era with the narratives of three contemporary women still in search of agency, healing, and a little wilderness magic. 


Produced by Hook & Eye Theater
Conceived by Carrie Heitman
Directed by Chad Lindsey
Written By Cynthia Babak
Production Management by Leah McVeigh
Stage Management by Katie Sammons
Costume Design by Krista Intranuovo
Sound Design by Nok Kanchanabanka
Lighting Design by Alejandro Fajardo
Scenic Design by Patrick Burlingham
Artistic Associate: Kyle Beckley
Creative Producer: Morgan Lindsey Tachco
PR: John Wyszniewski - Everyman Agency

Devised & Performed by Cynthia Babak*, Emily Kunkel*, Carrie Heitman*, Chad Lindsey*, Elizabeth London*, Nylda Ria Mark*, Asia Mark, Javan Nelson, Jeremy Rafal
*Member of Actors Equity Association


Join the cast and team as we welcome these amazing women for a short post-show discussion! May 20 or 24!

More on the herstory of She-She-She HERE - Photography for She-She-She by Al Foote III

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Photo by Mitch dean

Photo by Mitch dean

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