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Fidgital Spring

Fidgital Spring - Figment Project NYC - Governors Island 2013

Five strangers standing in line at a Starbucks bathroom, each in his own digital world, begin to interact subtly with each other . . .

The stage becomes a map of the circuitry of the brain.  Light and music, cued by motion sets the scene ablaze. . .

"The intent is to focus on how we wait, how we spend time alone in public, how committed we are to digital devices, and the power of spoken, and unspoken communication with strangers."

Currently being built with new material from our Instant Playlabs and intended to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky and Nijinsky's 20th century masterpiece, Hook & Eye is in process developing Fidgital Spring - our performance at Figment Project represents a portion of the whole.

photos by Andy Battaglia