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Space need Greening?

(could be beautiful, edible, and organic . . .)

. . . why don’t you take a scroll.


We’ll Send a BEO Agent . . .

. . . they have REALLY green thumbs.


. . . arrange some volunteers,

from your building and local gardening collectives . . .


. . . and in no time at all,

. . . right when things start to look delicious over at TJs . . .

you’ll start to “shop” your roof

. . . for herbs, veggies, greens, and flowers. It’s pretty easy.


So, give us a call . . .

we’ll see if your owner or management company is ready to green!


BEO transforms the trip from Farm to Table to a mere elevator ride. Fresh organic veggies and herbs on your luxury urban condo’s rooftop.

Everybody loves the IDEA of having a veggie garden, but almost nobody wants the responsibility.

BEO delivers designs that fit your rooftop – from container to plot – and executes the plan to keep your growing going all through the season with weekly site visits, volunteer coordination, email updates, and a responsive professional network of growers in your area.

Your terrace, rooftop, or pool deck could be so much more than potted ficuseses. . . is that right?

. . . it could be Beautiful, Edible, and Organic.



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Living in a building with a bare naked rooftop? A boring lifeless outdoor lounge? Let’s green that up for you. write

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