Hook & Eye is an ensemble company of theater-makers, actors, dancers, musicians and artists based in Brooklyn, NY. We build totally new theatrical pieces full of joyful athleticism, soul, and song. We teach play-writing at New York's Professional Performing Arts School, and offer 100% free PlayLabs where new work is brought forward, built and developed.



The mission of Hook & Eye is to build inspiring and inquisitive theater productions to embolden audiences of every age. We are committed to compensating our artists for their work, and offering low-or no-cost tickets to audiences and students.



We believe in heavy cross-pollination among disciplines. We use an extended creative process which we believe yields memorable theater. We choose to devise as an ensemble because we believe that the whole is amplified by the combined talents of each artist.



We start with a snag, an idea that hooks our collective interest.  Using improvisation, discussion, and research, we tug at the thread until we've found a story to unravel. Working with our writers, musicians and artists to focus our vision, we knit the moments together, add layers, and get the story ready for fastening with our audience. While the timeline of each project varies, it generally takes over a year to conceive, build, and produce each new work.



Carrie Heitman and Chad Lindsey met on stage . . . in high school in Saginaw, Michigan. Years later, reuniting in NYC, they co-founded Hook & Eye Theater.  Together, they serve as the company’s artistic directors and operate with a core company. Each new piece is built with members of the core alongside a rotation of new and seasoned collaborators pulled from their artistic colleagues and the city’s creative community. Hook & Eye's performance history includes a staged reading of Unlawful Gatherings, an original play about hoarding and the Velvet Revolution; Fidgital Spring, a rhapsody of movement and mobile devices done in homage to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, (performed at the Figment Project on Governors Island, the Stampede Lab at the Chain in L.I.C, and Muffins in the Window at the COW). The Summoners, an impressionistic flip-book of modern small-town America and a stern reminder of the power of the natural world, ran in January 2014 on the Lower East Side. They company just finished a run of GOD IS A VERB, inspired by the mind and myth of R.Buckminster Fuller, at the Actors Fund Art Center in November 2015. 


Here is a short piece on HOWLROUND about how we do what we do.

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Members of Hook & Eye create the world of GOD IS A VERB at a workshop at Adelphi University

Members of Hook & Eye create the world of GOD IS A VERB at a workshop at Adelphi University