Hook & Eye is an ensemble of performance makers based in Brooklyn, NY.


Our mission is to build inspiring, inquisitive works of theater that encourage new perspectives on our collectively-held beliefs. We start with a hook, a story that grabs our interest. Through an extended creative process that includes improvisation, discussion, and research, we tug at the thread until we've found a story to unravel. Ideas, themes and moments are layered and woven together as an ensemble. What results are stories of history, myth, and science told in an unforgettable way.

Founded by co-artistic directors Carrie Heitman and Chad Lindsey in 2010, Hook & Eye develops original works of theater, explores new material in our tri-annual PlayLabs, and provides youth education initiatives. Our creative process is centered around material generated by our ensemble and collective of multidisciplinary artists. We are devoted to re-centering our creative lens to empower the agency of a multitude of perspectives, and are committed to parity, gender equity, and a continuous evolution in our racial inclusivity.

Hook & Eye's original works include Fidgital Spring, a rhapsody of movement and mobile devices in homage to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (Figment Project/Governors Island; Stampede Lab/Chain in L.I.C); The Summoners, an impressionistic flip-book of what occurs when big capital meets small-town America in times of crisis (C.O.W./Lower East Side, 2014); and most recently, GOD IS A VERB, inspired by the mind and myth of R. Buckminster Fuller (Actors Fund Art Center, 2015). Hook & Eye serves as the resident playwriting instructors at New York’s Professional Performing Arts School.

Hook & Eye’s work is full of joy, soul and musicality, and has been called “rich, intelligent, funny,” and “a testament to the collaborative process of theatre making.” Through our PlayLabs, education initiatives and full productions, Hook & Eye is a company committed to celebrating the power of creativity by collectively making stories that make the quotidian impossible to ignore.

Here is a short piece on HOWLROUND about how we do what we do.

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Members of Hook & Eye create the world of GOD IS A VERB at a workshop at Adelphi University

Members of Hook & Eye create the world of GOD IS A VERB at a workshop at Adelphi University